I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you and your constituents I believe an opportunity may be at hand which could prove mutually beneficial. My name is Talib Abdul Haqq, I am a Photographer / Photo Journalist and Documentarian.


I consider it my mission and passion in life to chronicle the Black Diaspora and experience in America, much in the same way that Roy DeCarva and Langston covered in Harlem in the 1950’s era. Over the past thirty plus years I have amassed a great deal of experience and insight into the mechanics of photography and it’s applied possibilities. In which is abiding true to my mission.


I have maintained a critical eye on the latest developments in Digital Photography, Photographic Software, Lighting Techniques, and Print technology. My dilemma is after having accrued massive amounts of information, a body of work that is unparalleled by my peers, and a methodology which allows me to convey and interpret the complexities of this otherwise mysterious medium, is passing this knowledge forward. My journey as a photographer began in the early 80’s .


It was then, when I responded to the need of a childhood friend to create advertising for his business as a party promoter. Together, we quickly adapted my then novice photographic skills and his knack for picking entertainment packages to promote. Out of this co-operation spawned two companies, my company, Wadeva Images and Rush Productions for Russell Simmons.


From the aggregation,I became known as one of Hip Hop’s first photographer documenting the birth of Hip Hop well into its formative years. Although, the financial rewards have manage to allude me, I have succeeded in my sole purpose to record, preserve and archive the creative Spirit in Black art and music, as well as immortalizing the essence of my subjects.


I pride myself on capturing the character, and shadow of available light, which is embodied in all my passion, filled images. My solemn promise is to “Always invest the total weight of my intellect and passion into the images I co-create”.


Thus, I am seeking opportunities in line with my skill set, which will allow me to teach, display, enlighten and or guide a young and or inquisitive audience through what I have to offer from the photographic realm.Thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance.Sincerely, Talib Abdul Haqq: Graphic Historian

By: George "Gee" Grant R.I.P.

Talib Abdul Haqq: Graphic Historian

April 12-14 2012 Russell Simmons Rush Art Gallery Chelea New York  Bill Adler and I told part in Exhibition at Entitled

"Kings Of Rock" My selection of 20 images was Entitled Wadeva Images Presents Rush Artist Management and Beyond featuring Hip Hop and R&B artist from the early 1980's to 2011