My personal work is a Mosaic of idea that led me to photographing numerous subject matter such as Head Shots, Zed Cards, Portfolios, Promotions ads, Fashion, Implies Nudes and nudes.


The array of sensibilities includes Underground artist, Celebrity, Sweet and Sour Models, Girl friends, Ex wife, Child and Adult Actors and Actress, Exhibitionist and Girl on Girl Porn and its Stars. American oldest pastime.


And these usual suspects were my cast of characters I’ve immortalized over my thirty- year spans as an entertainment photographer. Personal work can be challenging and rewarding, the freedom to pick and choose what you and other want to create is amazing.


The whole idea Not having to deal with the segregating mindset of the entertainment business, invokes of world of freedom and open-mindedness that make me stop worrying about would I be able to receive work when artist of other races and music gene were involved because,


You are not known and 2. Some jobs are quietly based on races, nepotism and / or the circles one travel in that may not include people of color.


I Guess the point of these short essays about my experience is to share some light on to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly that is my photographic odyssey and to provided you the viewer with a body of work that is historical and pristine in content.